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From: eastern cape

Been reading the magazine online since I was a teenager, it’ll be a dream come true to be in the cover of Men’s Health, and to show the rest of South African’s what the basis of health and fitness may bring. Its not about lifting weight, but lifting the community as a whole, and I believe I have the strength to do so.

Health and fitness is a lifestyle most don’t understand, it’s beyond just working out and looking good. In my spare time I enjoy being a motivational speaker about how fitness has changed my perspective on life and the benefits it has brought forward. MH magazine is one of south Africa’s best platform to reachout to thousand of men out there that need the motive of health and fitnes.
With that said, a MH cover guy should send a massage to everyone and feel the upliftment they deserve. I believe I’m that guy.

Men’s health has help many men reach there goals and start new professions in people, me being an aspiring fitness model would like to take this opportunity to heart as this can be a gate way to something greater than just a magazine cover!

Being a full time marketing student, the course has shaped me to identify trends and know an individual is a brand on there own, and how they carry themselves around is how they market themselves. being a part of this initiative will help me market myself and start a trend not only will it be beneficial for me but for Mens Health too.