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From: Cape Town , Western cape

I am a profesional stunt man, I am the stunt double for Chris Evans, Vin Diesel, Dolph Lundgren, Phillip Winchester , Tom Hopper and some! they are all famous for their healthy lifestyles and good physiques( all MH cover guys). I do their stunts in big production international films. Yes, a South African is the stunt double and stunt performer in these big movies. I have over 40 movie credits to my name, from Mad Max Fury road ( I’m the stunt double for the guy with the flaming guitar) to Resident Evil, The Dark Tower, Chappie, Black Sails, Warrior, Homeland,Bloodshot(in post) the list goes on. I do cool stuff and I love my job. I travel the world to do epic action sequences! I am Proud to be South African. Its time the rest of SA knows that there’s a South African behind the big action movies. Im currently in Tbilisi, Georgia shooting the next instalment of the Fast n Furious franchise.