Men’s Health Cover Guy 2017 is proudly brought to you by Versace. It’s only fitting that the Cover Guy search has partnered with one of the most identifiable brands in the fashion industry.

These four Versace fragrances perfectly encapsulate the characteristics of a Men’s Health Cover guy: a man who leads by example, who is master of his strength and his sensuality. A man with charisma and energy, who marries the power of innovation with his appreciation of classic traditional style.


Strength, charisma, individuality and passion are evoked in this fragrance.

Is the essence of the Versace man today. It’s a fragrance full of character and individuality, an expression of a man’s strength and also his charisma. It takes traditional notes and scents and makes them totally modern, totally fresh for today, and tomorrow.


Designed for a man who is heroic and passionate, like a Greek God, Eros is a scent which depicts and emphasises power and sensuality – a master of himself.


Dynamic, entrepreneurial, forceful and spontaneous in character.

This fragrance is perfect for the knowledgeable and self-confident guy. The kind of guy who lives his life in a harmonious way, unafraid to reveal his love of fashion and use it as an expression of his character and spontaneity.


Perfect for the modern man, this scent is synonymous with elegance and seduction.

This fragrance goes well with the self-confident man who is fond of the finer things in life but is also introspective and composed. It is made for the man who is elegantly understated with an alluring charm yet a willingly-contained sensuality. Someone who knows how to savour life moment by moment.