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From: KwaZulu-Natal

I know that I should be the next cover guy.
I am confident in the character that I portray as a young man.
I am absolutely passionate about health and fitness. There is more to working out and achieving a good physic that most people don’t know of. Fitness and health has absolutely changed my life and the way I think. I am more confident with bigger goals and my passion is to able to inspire younger men like myself to stay fit, keep healthy and make better life choices that will only impact their lives in a positive manner.
My mindset and my passion is a lot clearer after choosing the fitness lifestyle, I want to teach others how to change their lives through fitness and positive thinking.
Yes having a great body is the end goal but a strong mind and happy soul is what it really comes down to.
Men’s health , I have what it takes to be the next cover guy!